Development of world-class tires
Kumho Tires is continuously developing world-class tires with consistent innovation.
Global R&D Network
Kumho Tires is a global tire manufacturing company with established R&D centers that include Kumho Akron Technical Center (KATC) in Akron, U.S.A., Kumho Europe Technical Center (KETC) in Frank furt, Germany, and Kumho China Technical Center (KCTC) in China, along with the central R&D center located in Gwangju, Korea. State-of-art technologies with advanced research human re sources enables Kumho to develop world-class tires.

Global R&D Network KRDC(Gwangju, 1981), KETC (Frankfurt,1997), KCTC (Tianjin, 2006), KATC (Akron,2006)

R&D Cost status

(Unit : Billion won)

R&D Cost status table
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
R&D investment 833 724 838 1,015 1,136(planed)

Kumho R&D Center(KRDC)

Kumho R&D Center(KRDC)

About Kumho R&D Center(KRDC)
Establishment September 2013
Location Yongin, Gyeonggi-do
Area 17,754 m2
Role With state-of-art research facilities and an excellent research staff, we aim to lead the world’s tire deve- lopment technologies with the world-class product quality and technologies.

Kumho Performance Center(KPC)

Kumho Performance Center(KPC)

About KPC
Establishment 1981
Location Gwangju Gwangsan-gu sochondong 555
Area 29,700 m2 in Gwangju, 247,500 m2 in Gokseong
Role Kumho Tire’s cutting-edge technologies and excellent research staffs are leading the global commercial tire market, and endless efforts are put to develop the world-class tire quality and product.

Kumho China Technical Center (KCTC)

Kumho China Technical Center(KCTC)

About KCTC
Establishment September 2006
Location Tianjin, China
Area 22,000 m2 Land, 10,890 m2 of construction area
Role KCTC, located in Tianjin, is dedicated to collect information in china including market trends, new/- emerging technologies to secure superior quality of products in local production facility.

Kumho America Technical Center (KATC)

Kumho America Technical Center(KATC)

About KATC
Establishment October 2006
Location Akron, Ohio, USA
Area 1,840 m2
Role By locating a research center in Akron, well known for the world’s famous rubber industrial base, the latest research equipment and testing facilities are secured to successfully develop RF products in the North America.

Kumho Europe Technical Center (KETC)

Kumho Europe Technical Center(KETC)

About KETC
Establishment November 1997
Location Frankfurt, Germany
Area 500 m2
Role The European R&D center located in Frankfurt, Germany is dedicated to develop high performance tires suitable for various driving conditions and clim ates in Europe.